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Lavorazioni meccaniche

Lavorazioni meccaniche

Mechanical machining

Monday 28 September 2020

Technical Office


The entire M.P.C. production is managed and supported by the Technical Office, an integrated and efficient company structure that deals with every sector of the productive process, from analysis through to certification, providing suitable support to outsourcing partners as well.
The office’s work starts with an offer made to the Client: during its preparation, the machining modalities and technologies are analysed and simulated through the CAD-CAM
equipment with which the firm is equipped. Once the order is secured, the procedure then continues to prepare production supports.
Tooling or machining and handling equipment can be designed at this stage, using the parametric CAD modelling equipment, besides normal activities being carried, envisaging studies on the implementation of manufacturing and machining sequences, work cycles, numeric control programs, for machine tools, lathes and boring mills up to 5 continuous simultaneous axes, as well as for control instruments, both feeler and laser-based.
Besides providing the M.P.C. Workshop and any partner workshops involved in the product implementation with diagrams, drawings, plans and programs, the Technical Office carries out all activities for production management and control, using the traditional Office Automation software tools and with the help of a specific program which manages plants and personnel, integrated within the company network and with monitoring terminals distributed throughout the productive area, all allowing immediate display of the operative situation and an accurate control over the work order’s progress.
The resources entrusted with quality control and management also carry out their activities within the Technical Office, in perfect symbiosis and with a permanent exchange
of information with technicians and programmers, all aimed at providing the group with highly qualified and comprehensively specialised team identity.
Confirming all this are the training courses, both specific and for groups, held for the whole personnel, the development of methodologies and the relative software: all CAD-CAM systems are managed, maintained and developed in-house by the same Technical Office.
Furthermore, the Office supports Company Management in studying office and plant layout and in the planning of areas and production facilities.


Esprit - Compressor casing machine tool placement analysis
Esprit - Pelton runner machining simulation


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