snom3xx, 7xx and snom8xx

CANCEL = "Cancel" key pressed, e.g. a call can be terminated
ENTER = "Enter" key pressed
OFFHOOK = simulates lifting up the handset
ONHOOK = simulates hanging up the handset
RIGHT = simulates pressing right navigation key
LEFT = simulates pressing left navigation key
UP = simulates pressing "up" navigation key
DOWN = simulates pressing "down" navigation key
VOLUME_UP = increases volume in active audio mode (handset / speaker / headset)
VOLUME_DOWN = reduces volume in active audio mode (handset / speaker / headset)
MENU = simulates pressing MENU key (not used in FW 7 anymore)
REDIAL = simulates pressing REDIAL key
DND = simulates pressing DND key
REC = simulates pressing Record key
F1, F2, F3, F4 = simulates pressing context sensitive soft function keys (located directly below the display of the phone) NOTE: snom 190/200 have no key F4 and snom870 no key F1-F4
SPEAKER = simulates pressing SPEAKER key
HEADSET = simulates pressing HEADSET key
TRANSFER = simulates pressing TRANSFER key
F_HOLD = simulates pressing HOLD key (Before firmware version F_R)
0-9, *, # = simulates pressing the alphanumeric keypad NOTE: with some browsers for # and * you might need to use the ASCII code. For example %23 instead of #, %2A instead of *
P1-PX = simulates pressing free programmable function keys (X=15 for snom870, X=12 for snom320/360/370/820, X=4 for snom300).
EK0- EKmax =  simulates pressing free programmable function keys of expansion module. Note: expansion module Only for snom3xx.

Other Commands

There are also other functions which can be controlled remotely (desktop phones only):

Remote Dialing: http://phoneIP/command.htm?number=NUMBER&outgoing_uri=URI
Remote DTMF tones: http://phoneIP/command.htm?key_dtmf=NUMBER
Remote End all ongoing calls: http://phoneIP/command.htm?RELEASE_ALL_CALLS
Remote Logoff all identities: http://phoneIP/command.htm?LOGOFFALL
Remote Logoff a specific identity: http://phoneIP/command.htm?LOGOFFLINE=1(..12)
Remote Reregister a specific identity: http://phoneIP/command.htm?REREGISTER=1(..12)
Remote Ringtone Playing: http://phoneIP/line_login.htm?PLAY_RINGER:X=+Ringer(X=1..9)
Remote Reboot: http://phoneIP/advanced_update.htm?reboot=Reboot
Remote Reset: http://phoneIP/advanced_update.htm?reset=Reset
Remote Reset of Dialed Numbers: http://phoneIP/index.htm?dialeddel=0
Remote Reset of Missed Calls: http://phoneIP/index.htm?misseddel=0
Remote Reset of Received Calls: http://phoneIP/index.htm?receiveddel=0
Remote Firmware Upgrade: https://phoneIP/dummy.htm?swload=load&firmware=firmwareURL
Fix the line-info-layer for screen.bmp (820/21): http://phoneIP/command.htm?FIX_LIL=true


  1. simulates the user of the phone with the IP address picking up the handset.
  2. will dial 1234. In order to place a call from a specific outgoing line (SIP account, identity) attach "&outgoing_uri=user@domain1"
  3. plays  the ring tone 9  remotely
  4. will send DTMF tones 1234 (only available during an active call)
  5. will upgrade the phone with the URL passed via firmware variable

Attended Transfer (Incoming call A, transferred by B to C):

  1. --> Holds the call "A"
  2. (X=0-9) --> Repeat this  for each digit of the number "C" to be transferred to
  3. --> "B" makes a call to "C" and announces transfer
  4. --> call is transferred
    NOTE: If the parameter "Call Join on Xfer (2 calls)" has been set to "ON" the "Calls on Hold" list is displayed instead (in this remote scenario not recommended, since it would require navigation through the list and a final command